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  3. How I Trained for a Marathon in 7 Weeks and Improved My PB by 35 Minutes!

Aside from her rock star looks, Catra Corbett is a standout in the running world on her accomplishments alone. And, unbelievably, she's also a former meth addict. After two years of addiction, Catra is busted while selling, and a night in jail is enough to set her straight. She gives up drugs and moves back home with her mother, abandoning her friends, her boyfriend, and the lifestyle that she came to depend on. Her only clean friend pushes her to train for a 10K with him, and surprisingly, she likes it and decides to run her first marathon after that. Completing your first running event is a challenging yet massively rewarding experience that will set you up for ongoing health and fitness success.

Although many are scared to take their first steps in running, in this book are some handy hints and tips for anyone looking to take the plunge and become a runner.

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The sport of running is ever changing, be it the shoes we wear or the goals we set, the training methods we use or the role models we emulate. A dominant force in the sport of ultrarunning, Scott Jurek is a seven-time winner of the mile Western States Endurance Run and a two-time winner of the mile Badwater Ultramarathon through Death Valley.

Half Marathon SmartPace Teams

Regaling listeners with jaw-dropping tales of endurance, Jurek also delivers sound science and practical advice—as well as his favorite plant-based recipes. At the verge of turning 40, Peter Sagal - brainiac Harvard grad, short, bald Jew with a disposition toward heft, and a sedentary star of public radio - started running seriously.

And much to his own surprise, he kept going, faster and further, running 14 marathons and logging tens of thousands of miles on roads, sidewalks, paths, and trails all over the US and the world, including the Boston Marathon, where he crossed the finish line moments before the bombings. David Clark is a formerly obese alcoholic and fast food junkie who found a new life in running.

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Now, 13 years after his transformation, he shares his inspiring story of taking running to the extreme edge of his physical and spiritual breaking points. Having run more than a hundred races, including the Leadville Mile Trail Run and the Hardrock , David has achieved unimaginable success in the ultramarathon world, considering his humble start.

Ultramarathons don't leave much room for mistakes. Don't learn the hard way: Get a jump on training for an ultramarathon with Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning , a comprehensive handbook to running 30 to miles and beyond, authored by one of the most experienced and recognized athletes in the sport. Mark Cucuzzella explains the simple mechanics of how our bodies have evolved and adapted to run. Despite our natural ability and our human need to run, each year more than half of all runners suffer injuries. Pain and discouragement inevitably follow.

Cucuzzella's book outlines the proven, practical techniques to avoid injury and reach the goal of personal fitness and overall health. As a journalist whose career spans three decades, CNN correspondent Tom Foreman has reported from the heart of war zones, riots, and natural disasters.

He has interviewed serial killers and been in the line of fire. But the most terrifying moment of his life didn't occur on the job - it occurred at home, when his year-old daughter asked, "How would you feel about running a marathon with me? Full of incredible characters, amazing athletic achievements, cutting-edge science, and, most of all, pure inspiration, Born to Run is an epic adventure.

This book has a single purpose - to inspire you to run! Through sharing a detailed account of my first three years of pursuing running from the middle to back of the pack, it will hopefully show you you are capable of much more than you may think. After my dad's major health scare, it was time for me to change everything. Little did I know how much I would learn after taking on some physical exercise.

How I Trained for a Marathon in 7 Weeks and Improved My PB by 35 Minutes!

A radical diet change allowed me to lose a forth of my body weight and it gave me boundless energy to get outside and explore. This book introduces method which will gradually build up the moderate-high mileage required for marathon success, spreading those miles more sensibly throughout the week. Running easy days mixed with precisely paced speed, strength, and tempo workouts, runners will steel their bodies and minds to run the hardest miles of the marathon.

In addition, detailed nutrition and hydration chapters also help runners pinpoint their personal energy and hydration needs so they know precisely how much to eat and drink during workouts, race week, race day, and for recovery. To many people, having the desire to run a marathon is a mystery. But to others, it's one of the most natural activities in world. Running is one of the easiest sports to fit into a busy lifestyle. It doesn't cost you anything; you can do it anywhere and at any time. Most people will take up running to get fit or to lose weight initially.

Once you get into it, and you've benefited from losing weight and getting fitter, you start to crave the desire of another challenge. Whatever the initial motivation, the desire to test your limits is usually the driving force for people wanting to run a marathon. Running a marathon is an epic challenge.

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  5. When people think about running a marathon, the idea becomes scary and overwhelming. That's normal! This book is designed to take a complete beginner through the process of running a marathon from start to finish. Author focuses on what seem to me to be outdated ideas of carb-loading, intensity runs, and high-tech footware. I personally find "primal endurance" thinking much more compelling. Great tips for beginners.

    The advice will lead you in the right direction for your first or second marathon. The book is a good read and mainly has the Do's and Don'ts in preparation for a Marathon. It does cover all areas needed to finish a marathon up to 26 miles. Stock up on GU. They're like superpowered candy. Keep your GRID roller close. Foam rolling is key to avoid IT band injuries.

    I like the GRID best, because while it'll make you wince as you're kneading tight muscles and knots, you'll be avoiding greater pain in the long run. Get fitted for sneakers.

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    I go to Jack Rabbit and run on the in-store treadmill, so a specialist can tell me what type of sneaker is best for me, based on how my feet hit the ground. Wear the same sneaker in the race that you trained in. Buy a new pair mid-training. Learn what food your body likes. You never want to try new food on race day. I always went with a rice cake with peanut butter and banana before a run, or a Health Warrior chia bar. I carb loaded at Dig Inn the nights before my longest runs.

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    Many runners have a go-to pasta dish. Drink more water than you normally do--even try to have some electrolyte-enhanced water. Read running books. You will understand them on a very deep level now. Avoid long runs in cotton socks. To prevent blisters, get sweat or moisture-wicking socks at a sporting goods or running store. Wear your marathon day outfit out on a run.

    Never try new clothes on race day!